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WILD & MAD! Alleged Louie Baltazar of Gateway Garden Heights Condominium Violently Attacked a Boy + Viral Video

A condo owner confronted a certain tenant of Gateway Garden Heights in Mandaluyong city who later went berserk during a heated conversation. The video of the whole encounter was recorded by the son of the condo tenant and was uploaded online.

An "arrogant" condominium owner identified by the netizens as Louie Baltazar violently reacted to the son of an Overseas Filipino Worker(OFW) whom he caught recording videos and taking photos of the condo premise. Baltazar immediately approached the teenager and demanded to stop taking snapshots of the hallways and entry points of the building as it could compromise the security and safety of "rich" and "high-profile" owners living the location.

In the initial argument, Louie emphasized to the boy and his OFW mother that it is not allowed to take videos inside the area especially if you don't own any condo unit in Gateway Garden Heights.

Louie Baltazar was allegedly the man identified by netizens who violently confronted and berated an OFW family member who was taking photos of a condo unit in Gateway Garden Heights.

The mother of the teenager gently told Baltazar that her family and kids are just bonding in the area since they are also renting the unit owned by someone close to their family. The man responded with a condescending tone asking if the woman was referring to Gokongwei who allowed them to rent a space in Gateway Garden Heights.

During the course of the conversation, Baltazar pointed out that a legitimate resident in the area should know the "book" containing the rules and regulations of the condominium building.

Baltazar further humiliated the tenants and raised his voice while telling them that they did an unforgivable action. At this point, Baltazar was already posing close to the boy and it looks like he was ready to hit the teenager on his face.

The mother of the boy tried to convince the boy to stop exchanging words with the "arrogant" man to avoid additional problems. 

Watch the viral video showing the agry condo unit owner Louie Baltazar and how he relentlessly overreacted to the incident. 

PLEASE SHARE ! BURAHIN NATIN SA MUNDO LAHAT NG MGA GAGUNG MAYAMAN AT MAYABANG DITO SA PINAS ! Nangyari po ito kahapon kasalukuyan ng bonding namin ng mom ko bago po sya lumipad sa ibang bansa pra mgtrabaho... hindi naman po porke mahirap kami asal mahirap kami, marunong po kami lumugar :( Sa may Gateway Heights Regency po itong insidente... sa may playground area.. friend po ng mom ko yung myari ng condo unit at ngstay po. kme dun for 2 days and 1 night... Siya daw ang may-ari ng buong condo building... Gagawin niya lahat ng gusto niya sa buong building... Mahirap lang daw kami, walang pinag-aralan, Putang-ina daw namin.... Wala daw kaming pinag-aralan... well check this.... WE GOT YOU ON OUR VIDEO CAMERA... You even tried to follow us hangang sa elevator ? pero the next time we meet I hope may maganda kang alibi...I wish u all the best asshole... SO KUNG SINU KA MAN.... mr. Louie Baltazar ! KITANG KITA MUKA MO NAKA HD PA TO SO GOOD LUCK NALANG SAYO !!! hindi kami titigil hangat hnd namin nakukuha ung tamang aksyon para sayo.. para matapos narin ung mga complains ng residents sayo XD HINDI AKO SIKAT NA BLOGGER AT YOUTUBER.... PERO NAGKAMALI KA NG BINANGA MO.... LASTLY HOME OWNER KA LANG RIN GAGO, at NAHAGIP KA NG DIGICAM KO ! nasa amin ang evidence... ADVICE KO MAGBAGO KANA.. #BEASTMODE :D

Posted by Mayuki Shichi on Monday, August 1, 2016

In his alleged Facebook page, Baltazar provided full explanation as to why he needed to confront the boy. He reiterated his counter argument telling that the "book" containing the policies and guidelines should have been followed by the family who were bonding in the playground of Gateway Garden Heights.


Here's another sets of explanations that he posted on Facebook. He tried to clarify the problem but he is still firm on his previous actions.


More importantly, though there are thousands of netizens supporting the uploader of the video, a certain resident of Gateway Garden Heights came out to defend Baltazar. Here's the message posted on social media.


Do you think that it was just right to treat someone like that? Was it an acceptable behavior or was the guy already out of his head? 

If you were in the shoes of the victims, would you file charges of grave threat to the arrogant condo owner? Or will you simply forgive Louie Baltazar and walk away?

Post updated on Thursday 04 August 2016, 12:15


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