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Watch Irate Starbucks Customer Confronting Female Service Crew, (Video Will Make You Angry Too!)

A very irate Starbucks customer earns the ire of netizens over his rude behavior towards a female service crew in the popular coffee shop. Do not proceed and watch the video if you have some heart problems because the content of the clip will definitely make you mad!

An gay customer of Starbucks is currently the most talked about personality on social media after the video of him has gone viral showing his extreme anger to a service crew of the famous coffee shop in the Philippines. The furious coffee lover flared up for some absurb reason, the crew did not immediately offer him a seat!

Netizens jokingly said that this customer might have just received his 13th month pay causing him to feel like a rich man. For those netizens who condemn his actions concluded that he is just a plain "social climber".

What to expect in the video of the irate Starbucks customer?

Well, there are two parts of the video. The first one shows the gay customer acting rude to the female crew. He is heard yelling at the employee. Some netizens said that he turned "beast mode" because the service crew almost spilled a hot coffee to his arms. Though the woman asked for apology for the unintentional incident, the gay customer still apprehended the crew.

In the video, you can deduce that the customer is already belittling the crew as he continues to pose a deadly stare at the female employee. Take note, that he is doing these things in front of many people inside the coffee shop.

The second part of the video is more awful to watch. The irate customer appeared too violent compared to the earlier conversation. He shouted out loud eventhough that the security of Starbucks is just next to them. The security personnel might have felt the threat causing him to come closer to the two parties.

The gay customer continued to yell at the service crew and repeatedly asked the crew, "What if I’m a mystery guest?”

Now, below is the actual footage of the incident. For those who has heart problems, try not to watch the video because it will just make you angry as well!

Bading na ng warla sa barista tukoy na! Siya ay si Devaughn Melou B. Darilag Certified #TALAKERA na WALA sa LUGAR! #StarbucksEksenadorangIlokano

Posted by Talak Superstar on Monday, November 14, 2016

"Digital Karma"

The customer who gone wild in Starbucks was identified by netizens as Devaughn Melou B. Darilag, a graduate of Cagayan State University(CSU). Internet users who quickly spotted his Facebook profile were able to gather several data about his identity including his previous employer because the information is readily available from his personal social media account. Here's the screenshot of the original Facebook account of Darilag.

The super irate customer of Starbucks who went berserk inside the coffee shop. He confronted a female crew and yelled right in front of her face!

Meanwhile, Darilag posted a response to his bashers via his Facebook account. He call his haters as "poor beggars and dumb". Devaughn also wish that all of the people who threw negative criticisms at him will "die".


 Despite his latest posts on Facebook, Darilag's viral Starbucks video is continuously  being shared by netizens hoping that it will reach major local news outlets. Other savvy internet users are also looking for other clues about him including his exact location. Why do they need to know his address? That we could not really tell. Probably some netizens would like to teach him a different lesson aside from the "digital karma".


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