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Look: Abbie Tolentino Figueroa Scandal Videos are Smoking Hot!

Scandal videos of Abbie Tolentino Figueroa are smoking hot! Footages containing sexy scenes made men gone wild. Literally, her videos are totally owning the entire world of Facebook Philippines!

Abbie Tolentino Figueroa Scandal videos were initially shared by unidentified group of individuals. Though none of netizens could really tell the truth behind the proliferation of these new scandal videos, some are quick to conclude that it could be the same set of people who uploaded the viral RapBeh videos!

Let's discuss the content of the viral scandal videos of the sexy car show model. Many of the internet users immediately noticed the charming and pretty face of Abbie Tolentino. Let's admit early on that she really looks like a celebrity. 

You really don't need to search for the download links of the smoking scandal videos of Figueroa. Trust me, we will give you detailed descriptions and will let your imaginations fly and visualize the scenes in the viral video.

Let's start with the alleged part 1 of Abbie Tolentino Figueroa scandal videos. This clip only runs for 1 minute and 57 seconds. It's quite short but once you play the video you probably want to slow it down to linger on the sexy back of the beautiful model. Abbie did not do any fancy position while staying on top of her man but the way her lower body moves, it will totally blow your mind.

In the said footage, Abbie Tolentino did some graceful "twerks" and sensual movements. Certain parts of the video shows her doing the combination of rough and gentle contact with the man. The result is simply perfect and pleasing to the yes of men.

On the other hand, part 2 of Figueroa scandal video is contains better view of her face, boobs, and her lower private part. Everything looks good! When we say it's good, we mean it's really good!

Scandal Videos of Abbie Tolentino Figueroa are Smoking Hot

At the beginning of the clip, Abbie smoothly placed the manhood of the guy into her mouth and started to play with it using her tongue. She stopped somewhere at the middle of the footage since the man went down below her knees. In this particular scene, the camera was able to capture some major body marks of Abbie. The tattoo she has on her right boobs is quite similar to the tattoo marks seen on her photos which are publicly available on

The second part is far more controversial compared to the first video. Well, it's very obvious since there are so many angles where the face of Abbie has been exposed to the camera. At the latter part of the clip, another important body mark to note is the huge tattoo running around her waist which is also identical to the tattoo seen on other pictures she has on the internet.

Nonetheless, she is really smoking hot on these two videos! Netizens who were posting comments on Facebook also have the same feedback while others really admire the appearance and the "classy" look of Abbie Tolentino Figueroa.

Comparing to other victims of viral scandal videos, Abbie Tolentino did not receive large amount of bashers online but instead a lot of netizens especially men admire her beauty and pretty face!


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