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Detailed Steps in Creating Year In Review Video 2016 Using Facebook App

We decided to list the detailed steps in creating "Year In Review" using the Facebook video app so you can easily publish your story for 2016.

You might be wondering how did your friends organize and design their Facebook year in review videos. Some of you would even ask what is a year in review app. If these are some of the reasons why you are on this page, then please proceed in reading the entire article so would understand and learn how to create your own video.

The latest video app of Facebook is very easy to use. The steps can easily be followed even by kids or anyone who knows how to use a mobile phone.

Let's get started!

steps-in-creating-year-in-review-video.jpg, Dec 2016

The app can be accessed thru this link. Once you are on the page, you must click on "request video" button. After you trigger that button, you will see this message on the next page.

[Your name here], we wanted to give you a chance to look back at your year.
It should only be a few minutes now! We'll send you a notification when your video is ready.

There's no way out to bypass this step. Stay cool and relax because it won't take that long. From our own experience, the notification was sent 3 minutes after the request was completed.

Once you received the notification alert, you will be directed to a page which has two options (1)Edit Video and (2)Share Video. 

As mentioned earlier, by default, there's a pre-built year in review video with contents that can still be altered by clicking "Edit video".

These are the simple steps to create your Year in Review Facebook video for 2016.

For those who wants to exclusively share the video to certain friends, just follow the instructions in the sharing option to achieve this limitation.

Before you create your video, we highly recommend you to create an inspiring review of your posts. Let us maintain a good online relationship with our friends on Facebook by avoiding a video that contains offensive photos. Instead, please come up with a motivational clip to promote love, peace, and humility.


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