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Watch:Claire Marielle Miralo Scandal Videos

Have you seen Claire Marielle Miralo photos or watched her scandal video called RapBeh? Do you have any other information about her current situation after the video of her private moment with her boyfriend has been circulated on social media?

Claire could not imagine the how the scandal video damages her reputation on social networking sites. She allegedly could not also believe what her friends and classmates did to her online.

Marielle Miralo did not expect that two of her private sexual encounter will be available to the public. The other day, those scandal videos were called Rapbeh and RapBehVideos which immediately made waves on Facebook.

What is RapBeh scandal video?

The word could been derived from two words "masarap" and "Baby" joined together to have "RapBeh". In English, it means total satisfaction from any kind of situation including sex.

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According to the description of this blog, the footage of the scandal shows a young couple doing their thing while being surrounded by other teenagers who took closeup pictures and videos of their sexual encounter. The website also mentioned the identity of RapBeh girl whose name is Claire Marielle Miralo.

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Another website described the circulation of the private content as something that is "unstoppable".

Two parts of RapBeh videos are trending on Facebook! There's no way of stopping it since curious netizens especially the millennials who are always updated on the latest topics on Facebook are searching all corners of Facebook to have a look on the controversial clip.

Part 1 and Part 2 of RapBeh scandal

The first video is a very short, around 90 seconds, while the second one is almost four times longer.  Other cloned sex videos are shared online by fake websites, so be careful and don't click any malicious link. Part 2 of Claire scandal video is a set up inside a motel. That's our wild guess because on a particular timeline of the video, the word "motel" is seen from the background.

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There were reports that Claire Marielle Miralo committed suicide because of the cyberbullying attacks, personal insults, and other form of public humiliation on Facebook. There were another version of the said story claiming that Claire was too depressed on the situation.


Despite the convinving post of a certain netizen about the death of Claire Marielle, another source who looks more reliable than the previous one mentioned on his wall status that Claire is alive.


This video will instantly make you angry: Rude "Gay" Customer in Starbucks Attacks Female Service Crew

It's undeniable that going thru such matter requires a lot of courage to overcome the problem. We are glad to hear that Claire is alive and are being taken cared of by her relatives who plans to file charges against the people who spread the video scandal of Miralo.

Post updated on Wednesday 16 November 2016, 15:34


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