Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

    A video going viral on 05 June 2022 (Sunday) caught the attention of Land Transportation Office. The said video, caught by the dashcam of a motorist and immediately uploaded to the internet, showed a RAV4 bumping and running over a Security Guard who was directing traffic behind SM Megamall and the suspect sped away without checking on the victim.

    The Intelligence and Investigation Division (IID) issued on 06 June 2022 (Monday) a Show Cause Order to the registered owner of the driven motor vehicle directing him to appear at the said office together with the involved driver and for both to submit their comment/explanation on 07 June 2022 (Tuesday) at 1:00PM. The said Order was received by Mr. Joel Sanvicente, father of the registered owner, who gave the information that his son and the vehicle owner, Jose Antonio V. Sanvicente, was the involved driver. Mr. Sanvicente, or his representative, failed to comply with the Order.

    A road accident that catches the nation’s attention.

    A Final Show Cause Order was issued to Respondent Sanvicente directing him to appear at the IID on 10 June 2022 at 1:00PM (Friday) and to submit his comment/explanation. The Order was received by the family helper on 07 June 2022 afternoon. Again, the respondent, or his representative, failed to comply.

    The driver’s license of Mr. Jose Antonio V. Sanvicente was placed on preventive suspension for ninety (90) days and the subject motor vehicle with plate number NCO 3781 was placed under alarm, preventing him to conduct any and all transactions with the LTO while under investigation.

    Verification through the LTO system disclosed that Respondent Sanvicente has a record of three (3) apprehensions for reckless driving (2010, 2015 & 2016), showing a history of his reckless behavior on the road.

    The LTO finds Respondent Sanvicente liable for Reckless Driving and for violating Section 55 (Duty of driver in case of accident) of R.A. 4136 when he abandoned the scene and the victim. Together with his disregard for the authority of the Land Transportation Office, his acts are considered unacceptable behaviors of a driver. Taken as a whole, his actions are tantamount to the acts of an improper person to operate a motor vehicle pursuant to Section 27 (a) of R.A. 4136 otherwise known as the “Land Transportation and Traffic Code”.

    The Non-Professional Driver’s License of Mr. San Vicente was ordered REVOKED pursuant to Section 27 of R.A. 4136 and he is PERPETUALLY DISQUALIFIED from securing a driver’s license and driving a motor vehicle. (LTO Press Release)


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