Sat. May 18th, 2024

    Lionel Messi, the Argentine football superstar, has reportedly been offered a two-year contract deal worth €1 billion (£887m) to play for a Saudi Arabian football club.

    The incredible offer, if accepted, would make Messi the highest-paid football player in the world, earning twice as much as Cristiano Ronaldo at Al-Nassr. According to French newspaper L’Equipe, the deal includes an option for a third season.

    Lionel Messi, if he accepts the offer, will become the first billionaire football player.

    Messi’s future at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has been uncertain following his suspension for an unauthorised trip to Saudi Arabia for a commercial deal. While the prospect of earning such an incredible amount of money may be tempting, it is unclear whether Saudi Arabia appeals to Messi and his wife, who reportedly prefer to stay in a competitive league.

    The offer to Messi comes as Saudi Arabia seeks to improve its football infrastructure and attract more global talent to its domestic league. However, if Messi accepts the offer, it would be a significant loss for PSG, which has only recently acquired him and hopes to build a formidable team around him.


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