Fri. May 17th, 2024

    NEW YORK – Senator Francis ‘TOL’ N. Tolentino formally received his third Master of Laws degree from the Ivy League-institution Columbia Law School after he attended the graduation rites in New York City yesterday (Tuesday, Philippine Standard Time).

    Noticeably, Senator ‘Tol wore a Filipino flag-inspired sash over his Columbia regalia to show his personal gift to his mother, a day after Mother’s Day, and to the Filipino law students and the youth, in general.

    “Gusto kong ipakitang kaya ng kabataang Pilipino na makamtan din ang mga pangarap nila, and education is a life-long process,” the senator said.

    Tolentino, who graduated from a public elementary school in Cavite, earlier acquired two Master of Laws degrees from the University of London and the Michigan Law School in Ann Arbor.

    The highly selective Columbia Law School is one of the top five law schools in the United States of America.

    Dean Guillane Lester and other members of the faculty personally greeted Senator Tolentino during the rites.

    “Now it’s time not just to inspire the Filipino youth but to serve them best,” added Tolentino.


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