Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

    The Philippine Army (PA) and the Australian Army have begun their annual bilateral exercise, dubbed as Exercise Carabaroo 2023, in various locations in Australia on Friday, August 26, 2023.

    The exercise, which will run until September 10, 2023, involves around 2,500 troops from both countries who will conduct dismounted infantry operations in urban terrain.

    The exercise aims to enhance the survivability, lethality, command, and control of the participating forces while fostering interoperability and cooperation among them.

    The PA contingent, composed of 138 soldiers from the 1st Scout Ranger Regiment and the 7th Infantry Division, will train side-by-side with their Australian counterparts from the 1st Brigade and the 1st Combat Engineer Regiment.

    They will also be joined by observers and evaluators from other partner nations in the Indo-Pacific region.

    The exercise will cover various scenarios such as urban reconnaissance, urban breaching, urban assault, urban clearance, and urban withdrawal.

    The exercise will also include live-fire drills, explosive ordnance disposal training, and cultural exchange activities.

    Exercise Carabaroo is an annual bilateral exercise between the PA and the Australian Army that started in 2016.

    The name of the exercise is derived from the combination of the Philippine carabao and the Australian kangaroo, symbolizing the friendship and partnership between the two countries.

    The PA said that its participation in Exercise Carabaroo 2023 will help improve its combined arms operation capabilities and strengthen its security and defense cooperation with the Australian Defence Force and other allies in the region.


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