A corgi from the Philippines has made history by winning a world title at the World Dog Show 2023, held in Geneva, Switzerland from August 24 to 27. The corgi, named Dalbong, also won the Swiss Champion title and the Best of Breed award for his category.

Dalbong’s owner, Wency Villanueva, shared the good news on his Facebook page, where he posted photos of his pup with his trophies and medals. He also thanked his friends, family, and supporters for their prayers and encouragement.

“I am so proud of my Dalbong. He is the first corgi from the Philippines to win a world title at the World Dog Show. He worked hard and showed his best performance. He is truly a champion in my heart,” Villanueva wrote.

The World Dog Show is one of the most prestigious events for dog lovers and breeders around the world. It showcases more than 10,000 dogs from over 300 breeds, competing in various categories such as conformation, agility, obedience, and junior handling. The event also features seminars, exhibitions, and demonstrations related to canine health, welfare, and culture.

Dalbong competed in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi category, which is a breed of herding dog that originated in Wales. Corgis are known for their short legs, long bodies, and friendly personalities. They are also popular among royalty, especially Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, who owns several corgis.

Dalbong impressed the judges with his appearance, temperament, movement, and obedience. He beat hundreds of other corgis from different countries to win the coveted world title. He also received a lot of attention and admiration from the spectators and the media.

Villanueva said that he has been training Dalbong since he was a puppy. He said that he loves corgis because they are smart, loyal, and fun-loving. He also said that he hopes to inspire other Filipino dog owners and breeders to pursue their dreams and passions.

“I want to share this achievement with all the Filipino dog lovers out there. You can do it too. Just believe in yourself and your dog. Don’t give up on your goals. Anything is possible with hard work and dedication,” Villanueva said.

Villanueva and Dalbong are expected to return to the Philippines next week. They will be welcomed by their fans and supporters at the airport. Villanueva said that he plans to celebrate Dalbong’s victory with his family and friends. He also said that he will continue to train Dalbong for future competitions and events.

“I am very happy and grateful for this opportunity. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I will never forget this moment. Thank you to everyone who supported us along the way. This is for you,” Villanueva said.