Jennica Garcia and Alwyn Uytingco are officially ending their marriage after three years of separation. The actress confirmed that they are working on the annulment process during a brand launch event on August 27, 2023.

Garcia and Uytingco, who have two daughters together, Athena and Severina, tied the knot in 2011 in a secret ceremony. They were one of the most admired couples in showbiz, until rumors of their breakup surfaced in early 2021. Garcia later admitted that they had been living apart since 2020 and that their attempts to reconcile did not work out.

The actress also revealed that she tried dating other people, but she realized that she wanted to focus on being a single mom. She said that she was looking for someone who could be a good partner and a good father to her children, but she did not find anyone who met her expectations.

Garcia also denied having a romantic relationship with her co-star Christian Bables in the series Dirty Linen. She said that Bables was just a friend and a brother to her, and that their on-screen chemistry was due to the effective writing of the show.

Garcia said that she was grateful for the support of her family and friends during this difficult time. She also asked for prayers for her and Uytingco as they go through the annulment process.