Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

    In a show of solidarity, Cebu Vice Governor Hilario Davide III has publicly endorsed Governor Gwendolyn Garcia’s commitment to safeguarding the cultural legacy of the Capitol Building and the Fuente Circle Vista Corridor.

    Vice Governor Davide expressed his support through a statement, aligning with the Provincial Board’s manifesto that applauds Governor Garcia’s dedication to maintaining the historical integrity of the Cebu Provincial Capitol.

    He emphasized the Capitol’s significance not just as the administrative center of the province but also as a vital connection to Cebu’s history, culture, and heritage.

    Highlighting the architectural splendor of the Capitol, Davide remarked on its role in bestowing Cebu with a distinct identity.

    He reiterated the importance of preserving such historical sites, asserting Governor Garcia’s vow to protect the landmark and expressing confidence in the President’s office to uphold this stance.

    In a personal note of support, Davide stated, “I got your back, Guv,” underscoring his commitment to the cause championed by Governor Garcia.


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