Tue. May 21st, 2024
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    CEBU CITY – John Dx Lapid, the lawyer overseeing the customer care division of the Metro Cebu Water District (MCWD), resigned from his position as acting general manager on Tuesday, just four days after his appointment.

    Lapid was appointed in place of the suspended General Manager Edgar Donoso, who faced various charges for defying the Interim Board’s directives, including the refusal to hand over documents related to the water district’s transactions.

    Lapid announced his resignation on social media, citing the ongoing conflict between MCWD and the Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA). “In light of the current situation, I am resigning effective today. I seek peace as my family is already affected by these events. I am under stress,” Lapid stated.

    In a statement to the press, Lapid also mentioned that he is contemplating stepping down from his role as the division manager of customer care. Following his resignation as acting manager, he has taken a leave of absence.

    “I refuse to be a pawn in political games,” Lapid expressed in Cebuano.

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