Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

    Government forces reported today, 31 October 2021, the discovery of an abandoned encampment of rebel forces at the tri-boundary of Bantey, Tadian; Banguitan Besao; and Balintaugan, Bauko in Mountain Province.

    The CTG encampment was discovered during the conduct of a major internal security operation by the Mountain Province 1st and 2nd Provincial Mobile Force Company, NISG-NL, Bauko MPS, 143SAC 14SAB, RIU 14, PIU Mt. Province, RID PROCOR and EOD/K9 PECU-MP led by PLt. Julius Yaos and PLt. Roderick Palco under the supervision of Mt. Province PPO PCol. Ruben Andiso.

    The government operatives were able to recover from the encampment site the following:

    • One (1) piece mine, (CDX) anti-personnel improvised explosive device
    • 31 pieces stick dynamite commercial with markings Nitro EM 1500 Emulsion Explosives
    • One mine container with detonating cord and seven meters of wire
    • one blue plastic drum
    • two books with markings Batayang Kurso ng Partido
    • assorted clothes, rice and salt
    • 20 fox holes

    The operating troops also searched the area with the assistance of Provincial EOD Canine Unit (PECU ) personnel for the possible recovery of other Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) to avoid being retrieved or recovered by NPAs to be used in atrocities and harassment to AFP and PNP personnel and the public as well.


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