The Philippine Air Force (PAF) held a closing ceremony on April 4, 2023 after hosting a 2-day Subject Matter Expert Exchange (SMEE) with the U.S. Pacific Air Forces (PACAF) at Villamor Air Base, Pasay City.

The SMEE was aimed at enhancing the PAF’s cybersecurity capabilities and was attended by PAF personnel composed of officers, enlisted personnel, and civilian human resource from 950th Communications Electronics and Information System Group (CEISG), 300th Air Intelligence and Security Wing (AISW), Office of the Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Communications (OA-6), and Office of the Assistant Chief of Air Staff for Intelligence (OA-2).

Resource speakers from PACAF shared their knowledge and experiences in the field of Cybersecurity including Digital Forensics, Security Operations Functions, and Cyber Risk Activities.

The PAF seeks closer military cooperation with other Air Forces through joint activities such as unit-to-unit exchanges among others.