Wed. Jun 19th, 2024
    Dreams come true for people of Davao City.

    By China’s Ambassador to the Philippines: The first cross-sea bridge that the Davaoeno people have long dreamed of will come true!

    On behalf of the Chinese side, today I exchanged with Finance Secretary Dominguez the signed Framework Agreement and Loan Agreement for the Samal Island-Davao City Connector Project. The Chinese government will provide a concessional loan of approximately 350 million US dollars to the Philippine government to finance the project.

    Connecting Davao city and Samal Island across the Pakiputan Strait, it is a two-way four-lane 3.86-km bridge. Once completed, this bridge will provide a resilient and reliable transportation link between Davao city and Samal Island, improving transportation efficiency, promoting internal mobility, and stimulating tourism potential. Also, during the construction, thousands of jobs would be created, contributing to local economic recovery and improving people’s livelihood.

    This project will break ground before long. Look forward to seeing the long-awaited cross-sea bridge turning from a vision into a reality!


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