Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

    A Cessna 340 with a tail number RP-C2080 aircraft was reportedly missing after it departed from Bicol Airport today, February 18, 2023.

    An image of Cessna 340 for reference purposes only.

    According to the initial report, the aircraft departed at 6:43 AM. Last contact was at Camalig Cement Plant passing 2,600 ft at around 6:48 AM and was instructed to report 20 miles out of Bicol Airport. After several minutes, the CAAP Control Tower was trying to contact the plane but no response was given.

    The aircraft was piloted by Capt. Rufino James T Crisostomo Jr. (PIC) and Joel G Martin (Crew) with two passengers identified as Simon Chipperfield and Karthi Santanan, both Australian citizens.

    The BIA tower also disclosed that the subject aircraft loss its communication at about 7:30 AM somewhere in Bato, Camarines Sur.

    The authorities advised the residents near the area to report to the authorities for any sightings of the missing aircraft.


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