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    Liza Migriño-Quirog, the commanding officer of the Philippine Army Reserved Battalion in Bohol, has expressed her dismay over the security arrangements for Vice President Sara Duterte during her visit to Bohol province on Tuesday.

    In a Facebook post, Quirog, also head of Office of the Provincial Agriculture, claimed that she was barred from entering the Bohol Capitol building where Duterte was received by local officials led by Gov. Aris Aumentado and supporters.

    She said that she was there to ensure the safety of the vice president, as part of her duty as a reservist commander.

    “Of course the VP is safe. As we carry out our tasks, we should not forget the HR-IHL Doctrine – ‘equal force to the imminent threat.’ Anong level of threat was there at the VP’s reception that the reservist commanding officer should not be allowed entry into her building?” Quirog wrote.

    She also accused Duterte’s security personnel of being “arrogant” and “disrespectful” to her and her team.

    She said they were treated like “common criminals” and were subjected to “unnecessary” searches and inspections.

    Quirog said she was not seeking any special treatment or recognition, but only wanted to perform her role as a reservist.

    She said she was proud to serve the country and the vice president, but felt insulted by the way she was treated.

    “I am not asking for VIP treatment or acknowledgment. I am just doing my job as a reservist. I am proud to be a reservist and I am proud to serve our country and our VP. But I am not proud of how we were treated by her security,” she said.

    Quirog’s post has gone viral on social media, with many netizens expressing their support and sympathy for her. Some also criticized Duterte’s security team for being “overzealous” and “rude”.

    Duterte, who is widely expected to run for president in 2028, has been visiting various provinces in recent weeks to meet with local leaders and supporters.

    VP Duterte has not yet commented on Quirog’s complaint.

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