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    Romel “Derik” Bernardo, president of the Rotary Club of Pinamalayan Central and a successful entrepreneur, has been sharing his life journey and business insights with high school students in various Career Guidance Week activities in and around Pinamalayan, Oriental Mindoro.

    Bernardo, who runs a fuel brand with seven outlets in Oriental Mindoro, said he accepts all invitations to speak at Career Guidance Forums because he wants to inspire young dreamers to pursue their goals and overcome challenges.

    “I don’t have a prepared speech, and I try to make my talk as spontaneous as possible. I usually begin by telling the young audience that, like most of them, I didn’t have a privileged childhood as both my parents were unable to finish high school. But with God’s grace and my parents’ sacrifice and determination, all my siblings and I were able to earn college degrees and are doing fine in our respective lives,” he said.

    He also shared the principles that he has discovered and lived by to do well in life, such as being bold, improving communication skills, embracing failure, finding inspiration, avoiding negativity, doing homework, innovating, and living simply.

    “So far, along with my fellow Rotarians, I have given talks at various public high schools in our town, namely Nabuslot National High School, Buli High School, and Quinabigan National High School,” he said.

    Last week, he spoke at Bethel High School in Bethel, Victoria, upon the invitation of the school principal, Dr. Maria Ciaralyn Valencia, who is also the president of the Rotary Club of Victoria.

    Yesterday, he visited Calingag High School in Pinamalayan to serve as one of the guest speakers during the school’s Career Guidance Week.

    “It’s my honor and pleasure to share my stories, entrepreneurial journey, and life lessons with the high school students of Bethel High School in Victoria and Calingag High School in Pinamalayan,” he said.

    Bernardo hopes that his talks will motivate students to pursue their dreams and passions with courage and confidence. He also encourages them to join Rotary Clubs in their communities to serve others and make a difference.

    By balita.news

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