Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

    Bohol, Philippines – A former ally of Bohol Governor Aris Aumentado has launched a scathing attack on his alleged despicable and poor leadership, accusing him of failing to address the problems of illegal drugs, corruption, and illegal gambling in the province.

    Ronie Orillosa, a member of Tagbilaran City and a defeated candidate in the 2022 elections, held a press conference with the Bohol media on Friday, Feb. 12, where he expressed his disappointment and frustration with the governor and his administration.

    Orillosa claimed that the governor has no clear direction and vision for the province, and that he is surrounded by seven people who act like governors and influence his decisions. He said that the people of Bohol deserve better than a leader who is distracted by sayaw-sayaw (dancing), cha-cha, lamano-lamano (handshaking).

    Orillosa also alleged that the governor has not responded adequately to the rampant spread of illegal drugs in the province, which threatens the security and welfare of the children. 

    He said that the governor, along with the congressmen and mayors, should take more action to curb the drug menace.

    Orillosa further accused the governor of being involved in corruption and allowing illegal gambling to flourish in the province. 

    He said that the governor has not answered the issues that are important to the people of Bohol, such as the development of infrastructure, health, education, and tourism.

    Orillosa said that his criticism is a wake up call to the governor, whom he considers a close friend. He said that he has told the governor his concerns many times in private, but decided to go public after seeing no improvement. 

    He said that he supported the governor in the 2022 elections, but now regrets his decision.

    Orillosa was joined by Abaka Chairman Norris Oculam, who was a former member of the economic team of the late Governor Erico Aumentado, the father of the current governor. 

    Oculam echoed Orillosa’s sentiments and urged the governor to listen to the voice of the people.


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