Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

    The Rotary Club of Pinamalayan Central is inviting fitness and nature enthusiasts to join its inaugural fundraising event, the Adventure Festival, on February 24-25.

    Featuring camping, hiking, running, and biking activities in a private ranch with stunning views of the Tablas Strait and nearby islands, the two-day festival aims to provide participants with an exhilarating and memorable experience, while also raising funds for the club’s outreach projects, especially the titling of the property in Barangay Sta. Rita, where the Rotary Center is located.

    Romel “Direk” Bernardo, president of Rotary Club Pinamalayan Central.

    Led by Romel “Direk” Bernardo, an entrepreneur and former TV writer/producer, the Rotary Club of Pinamalayan Central is a 28-year-old organization composed of local entrepreneurs and professionals who are dedicated to serving the community and promoting the town’s natural beauty.

    The Adventure Festival will have three main categories: Camp, Hike/Run, and Bike.

    Campers will set up their tents in the private ranch, which has age-old trees, patches of forest, and various animals.

    Hikers and runners will follow a forest trail to a telecom tower on a ridge, testing their endurance and stamina.

    Bikers will enjoy a scenic route that showcases the landscape and the surroundings.

    The event is open to anyone who wants to join the adventure and support the cause.

    Interested participants can register online or contact the club for more details.

    The registration fee is P1,500, which includes a T-shirt, a medal, a certificate, and a donation to the club.

    The event is also supported by various sponsors and partners, such as the local government, the Department of Tourism, and the Philippine National Police.

    The Rotary Club of Pinamalayan Central hopes that the Adventure Festival will become an annual event that will attract more visitors and donors to the town, as well as inspire more people to engage in outdoor activities and appreciate nature.

    The club also hopes that the event will help them achieve their goal of securing the title of the property in Barangay Sta. Rita, which will enable them to expand and improve their Rotary Center and its services.


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