Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

    In a proactive move to counteract the spread of insurgent ideologies, the 97th Infantry Battalion has launched an extensive School Information Awareness Program across Zamboanga del Norte. The initiative, led by LTC JIMMY J SANZ and 1LT ELHAM A SIRAJAN, aims to fortify the youth against the deceptive recruitment tactics of insurgent groups.

    The program, themed “Equipping Students with Necessary Knowledge to be More Resilient in Facing the Challenges of the Fictitious Ideology of Insurgency,” kicked off earlier this month and has already reached over 2,600 students. The battalion’s efforts focus on educating students about the dangers of insurgency and the importance of critical thinking when confronted with such ideologies.

    Highlighting the program were poignant testimonies from former insurgents, who shared their experiences and the realities of being misled by false promises. These narratives have resonated with the students, sparking active participation and a strong resolve to resist recruitment attempts.

    LTC SANZ emphasized the battalion’s commitment to continuing these educational efforts, stressing the importance of empowering the youth for a brighter, more secure future. The 97IB’s dedication to community engagement and peace-building remains unwavering as they work to safeguard the region from the influence of insurgent groups.


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