Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

    By Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

    Tony La Viña, one of the heads of the CPP NPA NDF created Save Our Schools Network that created terrorist training camps that pretended to be schools like Salugpungan ‘Ta Tanu Ikanugon, MISFI, ALCADEV, etc., says Chad Booc was a “hero”’and a “teacher” who was “executed” last February.

    Chad Booc was neither a teacher nor a hero. What he was was a victim of the CPP NPA NDF who joined one of the fronts of the CPP NPA NDF in college in UP Diliman (Anakbayan UP Diliman or League of Filipino Students if I remember right).

    Chad Booc was an active member of the armed NPA terrorists operating in Mindanao in the guise of Lumad work.

    He was also one of the top recruiters to the CPP NPA NDF and when he got too controversial, was assigned in the mountains of Mindanao as an NPA.

    He was assigned there together with Jong Monson who has, since then, surrendered to government and now has become a whistleblower and given us all his these important information about Chad Booc.

    Chad Booc, after a few weeks as an NPA, according to Jong, wanted to surrender. But he was prevailed upon by the CPP NPA NDF to continue holding arms and fighting government through violent means.

    Jong managed to surrender and now is well on his way to recovery and a second chance at life. Chad Booc died with that second chance in him.

    He is no more.


    Because they became NPAs and died as NPAs fighting government.

    Chad Booc died as an NPA fighting government troops in a legitimate encounter with the army in New Bataan, in Davao.

    When the dust settled, this cum laude graduate of UP Diliman died as the worst version of himself. Not a hero as this La Viña claims but as a terrorist.

    This is what this terrorist organization has done to our children.

    The disgusting thing about these CPP operatives is how they USE our children for propaganda, fund raising, recruitment – IN LIFE AND EVEN LONG AFTER THEY’RE DEAD.

    Only we can end this OUTRAGE.

    Let us, once and for all, end the free fall of our children into the CPP NPA NDF.

    Magtulungan tayo dito, mga kababayan ko.

    When you see lies like this, correct and educate others. Don’t allow lies like this to fester and spread.

    Magtulungan tayo.


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