Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

    Statement of OPAV Secretary Michael Lloyd Dino on President Rodrigo Duterte’s acceptance on running as Vice President in 2022 elections

    “President Duterte’s acceptance of the PDP-Laban’s nomination for him to be the party’s Vice-Presidential candidate for the 2022 National Elections is a good development.

    Winning the election for Vice-President in 2022 will ensure the continuity of the programs and projects that his administration started in 2016 where the main objective is to provide happy and comfortable lives to every Filipino.

    The President has implemented a lot of projects in the Visayas including those under the Build-Build-Build program that generated jobs for the poor while expanding and improving our infrastructure.

    He institutionalized socio-economic reforms by giving free education and hospitalization.

    The Visayas regions greatly benefited from this administration’s programs such as the Malasakit Centers in public hospitals in the different cities and provinces; free tertiary education thru the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act and UniFast; and expanded the health care delivery system through the passage of the Universal Health Care Law.

    Peace and development in the countryside are being pursued through the NTF-ELCAC where a whole-of-nation approach is established from the national down to the barangay level so that government services and projects will be felt by our citizens in all sectors.

    As Presidential Assistant for the Visayas, I have seen how dedicated he worked in the last five years, the reason why I support the PDP-Laban in nominating him for the post.

    Nakita sad nako nga duol sa kasingkasing ni Presidente ang mga Bisaya and I’m sure that this was felt by the people of the Visayas as can be gleaned from his consistently high trust and performance ratings from the region over the years.

    We demanded the “Duterte” brand of leadership for the country. I am glad that he accepted the clamor of the people to sustain the gains of his leadership for the country. We supported him in 2016 and delivered a million votes from his supporters in Cebu. We will gladly do it again and this time, we’ll even double the effort and double the support!”


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