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Aboitiz Power’s Cleaneargy Park


The shoreline of the Philippines serves as a safe sanctuary for the nesting sea turtles that swim across the tropical oceans from different parts of the world. They are one of the “key stone species” especially in maintaining the health of coral reefs and the whole marine system.

Unfortunately, sea turtles are currently facing threats which made them land in the list of critically endangered species. With the rapid decline of their population, the future generation may not get the chance to see these sea turtles anymore due to extinction.

The bright side- collaborative efforts from different agencies, sectors and communities are lining up to save and protect our marine turtles. In Davao City, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR XI) is in strong partnership with the Aboitiz Power’s Cleaneargy Park which has long been a safe nesting place and recovery area for rescued sea turtles. In fact recently, a Hawksbill Turtle named “Turtle Cleanergy” which was rescued in 2017 returned to nest in the shorelines of the said park.

The DENR is grateful for the conservation efforts of Aboitiz Power through its Cleanergy Park for its continued commitment in protecting and conserving the environment and the wildlife species particularly sea turtles.

The momentous event is very timely as we are celebrating the Philippine environment month and this is to remind us that it is not only the environment that we should take care of but we also have to protect and conserve our flora and fauna species most especially those that are endangered like the Hawksbill Turtle.


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