Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

    Talisay City Mayor Samsam Gullas announced on Sunday that the city will provide financial incentives to all Bar and Licensure Exam passers starting next year.

    The City Council has passed an ordinance that will amend the previous one that only gave cash rewards to the board and bar top notchers. According to Gullas, the new ordinance is a way of expressing gratitude to the Bar and Board passers for their efforts in achieving their dreams of becoming licensed professionals.

    “This is also our way of motivating our Bar and Board takers to study hard,” Gullas said in a Facebook post.

    He also thanked Vice Mayor Choy Aznar and the city councilors for approving the ordinance.

    “We can assure you that your Aksyon Agad administration will always be there for you,” he added.

    The cash incentives that Bar and Board exam passers will receive from the city are as follows:

    • For top passers of the Physicians Board Examination and Bar Examination, the cash rewards range from Php 100,000 for the top 1 placer to Php 10,000 for the top 10 placer.
    • For top passers of other licensure examinations given by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC), the cash rewards range from Php 50,000 for the top 1 placer to Php 5,000 for the top 10 placer.
    • For all Bar passers, the cash incentive is Php 10,000.
    • For all Licensure Exam passers, the cash incentive is Php 5,000.

    Gullas said that the cash incentives will be given starting in 2024, and will apply to all Talisaynons who will take and pass the Bar and Licensure Exams in 2023 and onwards.


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