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    Over 250 riders from different motorcycle clubs showed their unity and generosity by joining a Year-End Charity Ride for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) in Manukan on December 30, 2023. The event, which was organized by several motorcycle clubs in partnership with URZDN, aimed to support and cheer up 132 PWDs from various barangays in the Municipality of Manukan, ZDN.

    The riders met at the SIPULAN COVERED COURT in Don Jose Aguirre, Municipality of Manukan, ZDN, to start the charitable activity. Many clubs, such as Yamaha Riders Club (YRC), FGRC, MIMC, TRC, ERCP-ZDN, and others, sent their representatives to express their commitment to the cause.

    The riders did not let the heavy rains dampen their enthusiasm as they embarked on their journey. The participants, who came from a diverse range of motorcycle clubs, united to make a positive difference in the lives of the PWDs in the community.

    The charity activity involved giving food packs to 132 PWDs, offering much-needed help and assistance to those in need. The recipients, who belonged to different barangays, were moved by the support from the motorcycle community, showing the power of empathy and collaboration.

    FGRC National President Raymond Acopiado gave an inspiring message, stressing the importance of the event. “Our destination is more than a place; it’s a promise of hope and support for the amazing individuals with disabilities in Manukan,” he said. “Through our joint effort, we are creating opportunities, overcoming barriers, and spreading joy. Every bend and curve we navigate today symbolizes the resilience and determination.”

    “So, let’s ride with purpose, with unity, and with hearts full of empathy. Let’s make this year-end charity ride a proof of the incredible change we can create when we come together as a community. Thank you for being part of this meaningful journey.” Acopiado said.

    The event gathered the following Clubs –
    Yamaha Riders Club (YRC), FGRC – Dipolog, FGRC – Pagadian, ERCP-ZDN
    ERCP -ZDS, MBBC, MIMC – Manukan,
    MIMC – Dipolog, TRC- Katipunan
    Lady Riders Club Philippines (LRCP),
    Shrine City Riders Club (SCRC),
    Manukan Chill Riders (MCR),
    Mix Moto Riders Club (MMRC), XRM Bikers Club (XBC), Rouser Group Philippines – RGP Dipolog, Rouser Group Philippines – RGP Plaridel, Road Tracker Mix Motor – Roxas, Sergio Osmena Touring Riders – SOTR, OM Lady Riders
    Motobaktas, Yamaha Sniper Club, Philippines – YSCP National
    YSCP – Dipolog, YSCP- Sindangan,
    YSCP – Pagadian, YSCP – Molave
    YSCP – Misamis Occidental, YSCP – Lanao del Norte, Dipolog Dapitan Speeders (DDS), Pink Town Riders Club (PTRC), URCP – Dipolog, Western Mindanao Riders Club Alliance – WMRCA
    Zamboanga del Sur Riders Federation – ZDSRF, Philippine Road Guardians – Dipolog, WORMS – Dipolog, Takbong Pogi Riders Club – Pagadian, Team KYT Misamis Occidental, Click Squad- Dipolog, Salug Valley Mix Riders Club (SVMRC) – Molave, CIS-RG Dipolog
    Club-i YSCP – Team KALAW, Club-i YSCP – Team Sindtown, CDO Raider Clone, TORQUE Ozamis

    The charity event was a success thanks to the efforts of Paul Cadungog of Rider Shield, Adrian Duterte -YRC, Chona Pansipansi- FGRC Dip,Why Kho Rat – RAD ERCP, Co V Co – MIMC, JM Pioco – TRC, Kristine Skar – ERCP, who all shared the common goal of making a positive impact in the lives of the PWDs in Manukan.

    The Year-End Charity Ride for Persons with Disabilities not only showed the spirit of giving and empathy but also emphasized the incredible impact that can be achieved when communities work together for a noble cause. The motorcycle clubs’ steadfast support and dedication have made a lasting impression.


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