Sat. May 18th, 2024

    By DOTr Asec G Hope Libiran

    In the Philippines, whenever people earn enough money, people still go out of their way to get that new car— a symbol of their improved status in life, and to avoid the hassle of commuting.

    Acquiring a car has somehow become a necessity, rather than luxury, if only to address the issue of mobility. But herein lies the problem where because of this disposition, volume of traffic increased exponentially.

    I remember vividly this gem of a quote from the mayor of Bogota, Colombia which goes, “A developed country is not where the poor have cars. It is where the rich use public transportation.”

    For DOTr Secretary Art Tugade, public transportation is and should be an equalizer. Sec. Tugade envisions a public transport system that is available for all— whether privileged or challenged.

    I have high hopes for our public transport and our traffic situation to improve, as I continue to see the cooperation amongst concerned government agencies that may not have been very evident in the past.

    DOTr, DPWH, DILG, MMDA, and the LGUs have been working tirelessly to achieve that goal of providing the Filipino people with the comfort and convenience that we all deserve, regardless of our station in life.

    This teamwork sets the difference.

    A team which BUILDS, BUILDS, BUILDS!


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