The Philippine Army’s modernization thrust is on track as the command continues to bolster its capabilities as the nation’s “third and last line of defense”, Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. Andres Centino said in an interview with CNN Philippines’ special presentation “The Generals” on November 6, 2021.

“When the Air Force and the Navy will fail, the Army will be there. To prepare for this, the Army is organizing and equipping our units,” said Lt. Gen. Centino.

Lt. Gen. Centino gave updates on the procurement of 155mm howitzers for the Army Artillery Regiment and the acquisition of a ground-based air defense system that will enable the Army to be “capable of holding the fort on land.”

The CGPA, during the interview, gave a glimpse of the Army’s latest hardware: the M113A2 Armored Mortar Carrier with 81mm Soltam Cardom Recoil Mortar System, M113A2 Armored Personnel Carrier with Elbit RCWS, and the BGM-71 TOW missile launcher. The armored personnel carriers are equipped with advanced weapons systems that can seek targets that are even 10 kilometers away.

The CGPA also talked about strengthening the Army reserve force that acts as multipliers to regular troops. “In the event of an attack of foreign forces, we need the manpower and we believe that the reserve forces are needed to complement our regular forces,” he said.

Lt. Gen. Centino also emphasized that the Army is committed to complying with the Commander-in-Chief’s order to end local conflicts before the end of his term in 2022.

“We are ensuring that all our ground forces are capable and ready to comply with this mandate,” he said. “Be assured that the Philippine Army will continue to serve with pride in serving the people and securing the land.”