Did you know that in 1955, two Scout Rangers disguised themselves as civilians and befriended a notorious Huk Commander?

Master Sergeant Francisco Camacho Sr. and Corporal Weene Martillana, Members of 1st Scout Ranger Regiment, posed as civilians and gained the confidence of Eddie Villapando, a Huk Commander who terrorized Cavite and Batangas for many years. After establishing contact with Villapando in September 1955, they skillfully and at great risk won the trust of Villapando and his bodyguards.

On December 20, 1955 they rode a jeep with Villapando, Commander Gueverra, two huk bodyguards. Master Sergeant Camacho, who was at the wheel, stopped at Barrio Tabon, Calauan, Laguna on the pretense that the jeep needed some oil. He got out of the vehicle to pour oil on the engine, while corporal Martillana followed presumably to help him.

At a pre-arranged signal they immediately opened fire on the Huks and, with concentrated fire, they were able to kill Commander Villapando, Commander Gueverra and one Huk bodyguard. One of the Huks managed to shoot back, hitting Corporal Martillana, who died soon afterwards.

Corporal Martillana and Master Sargeant Camacho were the recipients of the Philippine’s highest military award, the Medal for Valor, for their extraordinary display of heroism and courage.