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    BANSUD, Oriental Mindoro – A group of volunteers from the Rotary Club of Pinamalayan Central and Jollibee Pinamalayan visited one of the most isolated schools in Bansud, Oriental Mindoro, to deliver aid and entertainment to the students and teachers.

    The volunteers, led by Rotary Club president Romel “Direk” Bernardo, left Pinamalayan at six o’clock in the morning on September 26 and traveled for about an hour and a half to reach Barangay Malo. From there, they had to walk and cross the river ten times to get to Magod Elementary School, where 70% of the students belong to the Mangyan Tribe.

    The Rotary Club donated school bags, slippers, tumblers and sevens to 25 selected students who lacked school supplies since the start of the school year. The sevens are emergency kits that can be used during disasters or crises.

    The highlight of the visit was the surprise appearance of Jollibee, the popular mascot of the fast-food chain. The children, parents and teachers were delighted to see their favorite best friend dance and hug them. They also enjoyed the chicken with spaghetti and burgers that Jollibee provided.

    Dr. Genalin Briton Matrio-Alinio, DepEd supervisor of Bansud District, thanked the Rotarians and Jollibee for their generosity and kindness. She said that their visit and sharing of happiness was a “celebration of God’s love” and a great inspiration to the children.

    The Rotarians and Jollibee were also welcomed by the teachers of Magod Elementary School, led by restaurant manager Mr. Jhon Brix Carmona Dapito.

    RCPC president Romel “Direk” Bernardo said that the Rotarians were happy to have the opportunity to help a remote school.

    Bernardo said that they did not mind the fatigue of walking and crossing the river several times even though many of them were senior citizens.

    The Rotary Club of Pinamalayan Central, which has been serving communities for 28 years, will continue to conduct outreach programs to help and give hope to students and citizens.

    September is designated as Basic Education Month in the Rotary calendar.

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