Thu. Apr 25th, 2024
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    Taxpayers in Cebu City can now avail of various services from the Office of the City Assessors (OCCA) without having to visit their physical offices, as the city government launched its online portal on Thursday.

    The online portal, which can be accessed through the city’s official website, allows taxpayers to apply for tax declarations, transfers of ownership, tax clearances, certifications, and other transactions related to real property assessment.

    According to City Assessor Noel Wenceslao, the online portal aims to provide convenience and efficiency to the taxpayers.

    “We want to make our services more accessible and responsive to the needs of our clients. With the online portal, they can save time and money, and avoid exposure to the virus,” Wenceslao said.

    He added that the online portal also features a chatbot that can answer frequently asked questions and guide the users through the process.

    To use the online portal, taxpayers need to register using their email address and mobile number. They also need to upload the required documents, such as identification cards, tax receipts, and deeds of sale, depending on the type of transaction.

    Once the application is submitted, the OCCA will review and verify the documents, and notify the taxpayer of the status and payment details through email or text message.

    The taxpayer can then pay the fees online using various modes of payment, such as credit card, debit card, e-wallet, or bank transfer.

    After the payment is confirmed, the OCCA will issue the requested document, which can be downloaded or printed by the taxpayer.

    Wenceslao said that the online portal is secure and compliant with the Data Privacy Act, and that the OCCA will ensure the quality and accuracy of the services.

    He also encouraged the taxpayers to use the online portal and give feedback on how to improve it.

    “We hope that this initiative will make our taxpayers more satisfied and confident in our services. We welcome any suggestions or comments on how we can further enhance our online portal,” he said.


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